Elektrische Lasagne - Manipulates your mind and stomach


After years of laying inside a dysfunctional freezer, Elektrische Lasagne kicks back! Since 2Kd+Ah things are getting way different. The old elektrische Lasagne was done stricktly in German language; the new one is done almost completely in English. While the old Lasagne had almost no content beside some information about all the projects Herr Irrtum was involved in, the new one still offers this - but also provides a lot of comments about up to date developemnts in a world full of digital confusions (confusing especially for senile society leaders: Willing bitches of rusty "traditional" industries and lobbies, not knowing how to deal with that digital bit, trying to reverse it's progress whenever possible). Good old values... Elektrische Lasagne is there to melt them down in a big evil cookin' stove. Furthermore Elektrische Lasagne was always there to provide noiSe by die nmi! and movies by die nmf! for free. That won't change in the future, movin' on with strict CC licencing.

Have Phun with Elektrische Lasagne...

Lasagne after being exposed to electricity